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Like an ecosystem, diversity is the key and it's the same in business. (Nick Huggins PCBW Founder 2012)


To propagate business education, information and make it available to the Permaculture community worldwide through a regenerative business model. Mentoring and guiding self-starting Permaculture business entrepreneurs on methods of ethical business practices for an abundant career while growing Permaculture and greening the financial desert.

About the WHY:

Permaculture Business World (PCBW) was grown from a fertile mind to fill a niche in the world of business, to help guide new permaculture business entrepreneurs to livelihoods that can sustain and produce abundant surplus* (*profit - the seed of growth), redefine business practices, and reinvest surplus into projects and self fund them without external sources.
This is a chance for Permaculture and the people within it to grow and develop new business practices and terms of trade (TOT). There is a great need on this planet to create a new alternative economy, start to redefine wealth and create new forms of energy (money) transfer.

About the WHAT:

Mentoring partnerships in Permaculture business ideas, startup, planning and management. Not from a coach, but from people like Nick Huggins and other successful Permaculture business owners from Australia and around the world. Personal one on one with a mentor to get you on the path to ethical business.

Professional Permaculture Marketing Consultancy:

A clear marketing and communications strategy is like planting legumes! It will fast track awareness of your services and speed up the growth of your business. This is a universal rule that should be a part of any well thought out business plan - including Permaculture businesses. It doesn't have to be complex but it does need to be thought about and written down.

Websites, flyers & business cards, Marketing & Communications, we can help you by offering you these services.

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We offer two Diversity Coaching scholarships per year as part of our business ethics. One in January and the second in July. Submissions are due 60 days prior to the first day of the scholarship month. On the 30th day of the month the chosen recipients are notified by email.Full Details Here

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Free Introduction Session

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Professional Website Development

You need to be designing Permaculture properties not designing the web pages which are essential for a startup business. We offer all-in-one packages for professional Permaculture business presence on the web. You need to focus on building your business, we'll help with the fiddly html nonsense and host you too. Head over to our marketing page for more info...